Seraphic as it name stands works with incredible minds in its team that the results are angelic to the core. We have in the past delivered gaming apps as per the vision of our clients that have taken the gaming world by storm. We are versatile with both iOS and Android systems. Your vision is all it takes to build your dream project into reality. We render full commitment and services to our clients no matter how big or small your project is. We take each project as our utmost priority and pays full sincerity towards it.

“Seraphic works with all its might and give its client’s vision, the fragment of their imagination; a character by turning it into a virtual reality and bringing them the application with well suited interests that will work coherently in accordance with their business, organisation or any entity’s needs and requirements suiting the current trend and systems that will construct, deliver and give its users the experience that will be one of a kind!”

Seraphic has a team of skilled, intellectual and creative minds that are regularly innovating and inventing applets and software so unique and persistent that we proudly claim that there is no task, no idea, and no error that we cannot resolve, build or eradicate in a given frame of time.

Our services are quick, stress free and most importantly worth the value. We work with full confidentially terms of our clients and make sure that their interests, their vision flourish in full light where we make amends and give suggestions keeping in view client’s needs at all times so we serve them with the best possible way and give exuberant results for full client satisfaction.

When you sign up with Seraphic services, you become one of our members. For us you will always stand as our priority and until you get what you want we don’t give up and make sure all your worries and needs are taken care of while building the app for you which will enliven your vision and show our creativity.

Your idea, our expertise is all set to rock the world! So let’s start and roll the dice!

We believe in rising together. Your success is our success and we make sure that we put all our efforts and make your dream project as our dream project and take it to great heights.

Our Cardinal Characteristics

No Hullabaloo!

We work away from the commotion and the hullabaloo of the Digital World; instead we work on creating something out of the ordinary. Seraphic is a team of inventors where everything gels abnormally well. We stay pumped up and excited at all times where new ideas flourish and old are reinvented. Only the best is served on the plate!

Together like a Bird’s nest

Coordination, teamwork and communication are our principles that we work on. We are a bird’s nest where every little thing grows and prospers touching the sky each time. For us, the sky is our limit and we constantly thrive to even push ourselves further and go beyond to catch up with what may seem impossible to make it possible!

The law of buoyancy

Archimedes stated the physical law of buoyancy; we apply it in our everyday work environment. The only difference there is no liquid or gasses involved but a healthy atmosphere, fun-packed activities and an ambience where everyone uplifts each other together. It is a proven fact that a relaxed mind works faster than the one under pressure. Ideas cannot be weaved in a stressful environment! We work with zeal, enthusiasm and bear an adventurous heart with the hunger to dug deep in the darkness and throw some light.

Business Ethics Ardently

Discipline, schedule and planning is a must! Our customers are our foremost priority where we believe in creating long lasting relationships. Business Ethics is not only a term for us but it is in our genes. Punctuality, avid results, expertise, intellects, timely updates and much more are how we work. Your expectations are our driving force. We give our heart and soul to the projects we take.

Crystal Clear

No hidden agendas, no loose talks and no scepticism! We are open to our client's needs, however, and whatever they want it. We stay crystal clear on our commitments and once there is a project taken, it becomes our sole priority. Your vision together with our prowess, can woe the world in exponential ways.

Are you still waiting? Why waste time, let’s start with the crusade and get on a journey leading to victory and triumph!


Raman Bhola

Founder & CEO

Rakesh Kumar

Co Founder & MD

Aditya Malhotra

International Expansion Evangelist

Priyanka Thakur

Chief Operating Officer

Monu Saini

Technical Project Manager

Rohit Attri

Android Team Lead


Project Manager

Arshdeep Singh

Full Stack Developer

Navneet Kaur

HR Specialist

Manpreet Singh

iOS Developer

Sunil Kumar

iOS Developer

Navjot Singh

Android Developer

Gurpreet Kaur

Android Developer

Jatinder Kaur

Android Developer

Gagan Deep

Android Developer

Tushar Vashisht

NodeJS Developer

Ashish Kumar

React Native Developer

Jobanpreet Singh

PHP Developer

Nishtha Monga

PHP Developer

Parmjot Singh

Web Designer

Ramandeep Singh

Web Designer

Arshdeep Kaur

Web Designer

Reetanshu Tanwar

UI/UX Designer

Amanpreet Singh

UI/ UX Designer

Gagandeep Singh

NodeJS Developer

Alisha Thakur

NodeJS Developer

Rakesh Kumar

NodeJS Development Intern

Ready to get started? So are we! Drop us a line and allow a Sera techie get back to you in 24 hours. We promise the wait would be worth it!

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