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How Much Does It Cost To Design A Mobile App?


Mobile app marketing is a competitive landscape that has millions of apps available.  When studied, it has been analysed that 90% of the time on mobile is spent in apps which is higher than design a mobile app. Consequently, there are higher chances that there is another app available that is competing for the attention of the same audience as you. Whereas, it has also been stated that a whopping 25% of the mobile apps are used only once and then deleted immediately. Most oftenly, the low level of user engagement is dictated by poor app usability. And this is considered as the single most talked about factor in online business and its failure. 

All this ensures that you need to take a lot of stand so that you should not fail to afford to be careless in relation to the features and functionality of apps. This also somewhere hints that every single feature of your app must exist for a purpose or else there is a risk of the app facing negative reviews and turn out to be inefficient for users. 

When it comes to designing an application, the app developers should be wary of overloading their designs with superfluous features that don’t enhance the experience. A focus which is streamlined is an important element of an app to have. It is not as simple as it sounds and the majority of enterprises overlook the goals and the purpose of an app aren’t carefully strategized. An organized layout, with great visuals and design coupled with the helpful tools, all this decides the cost of designing a mobile app.


Factors That Determine The App Development Cost

Know Your Audience

All those who are aspiring to build an application, there’s an increasingly larger burden on them to meet with the expectations of users. Users simply don’t have the patience for apps that are overly complex, slow or buggy. Here, assessing apps which are personalized, highly contextualized and touch with human emotion is taken into consideration. Meeting user expectations at this stage is significantly challenging. Whether an app will actually be capable of doing with its users adds up to app development cost.


The availability of  tools required to get better and specific apps is aligned with the technicalities required to function an application. For illustration, sketch facilitates by designing more efficiently, marvel helps craft better prototypes, Android studio and Kotlin does the coding for Android apps, Parse helps developers build app focused backends, there are innumerable examples. The more the involvement of tools, the higher the cost and design of app development. 

App Cost By Its Type

The type of application formation has an impact on the cost of its development. Native, Hybrid or cross platform, Web apps. Where native application is developed by using a language native to their operating system, hybrid facilitates developers to write code for once and accommodate multiple platforms conveniently. 

Design Of An App

If you want to attract and engage more and more users towards your apps, focusing on its design is imperative. Wireframing, designing the user interface, animation, app design greatly influences the cost. During this phase, the app developer and business analyst investigate a particular niche in the market and create a couple of UI mockups to demonstrate several different approaches to style, use of different elements, forms, shades and color schemes.  

App Development Platform

Knowing well in advance whether you need to design an app solely for a single operating system-iOS or Android or it is meant to design for both. If you have decided on the latter, this would double the cost as more time and efforts of designers as well as developers is invested. 


Other Factors That Determine The App Development Cost

  • App functionality and purpose 
  • Mobile platforms and devices are supported 
  • Integration points
  • Use of visual objects 
  • Use of smartphone hardware features 
  • Maintenance plan 


Concluding Note

Everyday, app development companies receive questions pertaining to inquiries like how much it cost to develop an app like Uber or an Instagram. Providing an estimate is not a matter of several hours but is a serious process. Also, customers always wonder how much it will cost to make an app and relatively low prices and high quality are what the majority of us are looking for when it comes to hiring an app agency.  To render a successful app for businesses requires a variety of skills and specialization which can only be expected from professional and expert app development companies like Seraphic. Also, in some cases app design cost can be calculated by keeping in mind the project complexity, level of expertise, and number of platforms being designed for. The cost to bring an application to the market is much more than initial analysis, UX, design, development. Along with these factors, the cost for support, marketing and advertising are also taken into consideration.