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Why Does Your Restaurant Need A POS?

What is POS?

Being in the retail industry, there are certain pertinent pieces of technology you must possess. Yes, you guessed it right. One of the most vital devices to fulfill modern retailers needs to be involved in a point of sale or POS system. In the age of simplified transactions, POS systems are heading towards a richful combination of software to bolster business and ultimately acquiring more money into your registers. Point of the sales system is not merely restricted with sales nowadays. The days of traditional cash registers have been altogether replaced with modern point-of-sale systems that combine plentiful business utilities into a single solution. It has grown, expanded and has become a point of service system for the businesses to enhance customer experience and streamline business operations. A restaurant POS is a system combining both hardware and software that work together to handle workflow and transactions for a food and beverage industry.

Increasing sales, improving guest experience, and making informed business decisions are some of the illustrations of a well integrated POS system, which prospers towards increasing efficiency among co-workers and ultimately leads to customers satisfaction and delight.


Why does your restaurant need a POS?

The high volume of cash and credit that pass through a restaurant every single day makes the POS system a necessity. The complex engagement of customers, data, suppliers, merchandise, omni channel platforms, payment processors are evolving and updating by leaving manual processes behind. The speed, reliability and accessibility that comes with the right POS system in place is required to compete in today’s retail industry. 

POS solutions are flexible and come with a wide range of technical functionalities. Right from tracking best selling products to rigorous sales monitoring, mobile connectivity to inventory tracking, customer data management to employee management, calculating discounts to robust integration, POS gives more and more options to help your eatery stand out from the crowd. The handling of POS systems has a lot to offer varying sizes across industries. POS systems not only offer serious profit boosting potential but also help you manage categories, control over inventory, monitor success of sales and promotions.


Robust Features Of POS In A Restaurant

Quick Management And Billing

A brilliantly programmed POS for restaurants, bars, cafes comes with built-in table management option makes customer management and reservation simpler and easier. Take order instantly through the server app, speed up kitchen operation, check the availability of table, occupancy and timing when it should be cleaned are some of the brilliant examples of POS quick table service management, reservation and billing. 

Accurate Business Reports

Generating reports on a regular basis is essential for business performance. In addition to monitoring sales, credit, stock, inventory, it allows management to determine incurred profits or losses that have been incurred so that future decisions can be taken in the direction of goals. Also, the software pulls out the up-to-date and exact data anytime from the extensive inventory and devoid of errors.

Speed Every Transaction

A restaurant POS simplifies the transaction process not only for the staff members but for the customers too. A cashier works inline with the staff, so no more running back to the kitchen. This further eliminates errors and speed up services and helps restaurants serve more customers in less time.

Manage Multiple Inventory Locations

A right integration of POS makes it fairly simple and convenient for restaurant owners to manage multiple inventory locations, warehouse, central kitchen and store.

Transfer, Add And Adjust Stock 

POS makes systematic tracking, inventory handling, transfer across locations, adjusting quantity after a stock count and wastage less troublesome. Also, this leads to lesser wastage of food and beverages by reducing over-portioning, over buying and theft.

Bill Splitting

Having the right POS system in place helps you ease your entire billing operations. Right from bill splitting to tracking delivery boys, acquiring customer data to run loyalty programs, everything is just a click away.  


Self Ordering Kiosk, An Advanced System to bring your Restaurant to the next level

Smart tech is the need of the hour, and progressive businesses are evolving with this theme in mind. Furthermore, seeing the trend of ‘Ever Evolving Customer Expectations’ and to re-strategize your future sales agenda, Quicake’s self ordering kiosks is what has become a successful secret weapon for the restaurant business.

Buying things quickly and line busting are the frequently cited reasons stated by customers when it comes to imbibe Quicake self ordering kiosk. There is also research backing up the fact that within the next year, a significant rise of 67 percent is expected to place an order with the self service kiosk. Quicake kiosks have become a must sought after option because it not only gives customers more control but also prevents any miscommunication.

At Quicake, we prioritize customer success driven programs. This Self-Ordering Kiosk is created after analyzing the current market need, getting expert advice from FNB professionals, and developing the optimum user flow for today’s audience. 


How It Works?

Grow Revenue

It’s simple — Less queues, more orders! One time investment in Quicake can reap you long term revenue rewards.

Save Money

The self ordering tactic can hugely cut down on your staffing costs, resulting in financial profits, that you can utilize to upscale your business.  

Easier, Faster, Error-Free

With the advent of online shopping, the end user has become accustomed to the idea of self browsing & ordering, making them the best buyer for their personal needs. 

Custom Menu Options

Lots of new age dishes require personalized choices. Replacing the server with a digital menu will enable you to offer more. Up-sell prompts like add-ons are also hugely accepted in this mode of ordering. 

Delight your Guests

Customers often visit you to socialize with their friends / family. Quicake’s digital experience will give them more personal and entertaining time. 

Quick Service

No one likes to wait. Self-ordering enables your staff to cover more ground, serve efficiently, and to top it off, your customers tend to waste less food. 

Go Green

Why use paper tickets and receipts, when everyone has a personal verification device. We send order receipts right to their phones, taking a little step to help the environment.

Customer Database

For each order verification, the customer will be required to fill in their basic info and contact number, providing you with a database for future sales strategies.

Round the Clock Support

We value our members as much as you look forward to your customers. Any problem, any time, we’re here to help.


What makes POS and Self Ordering an indispensable part of your restaurant business?

Tableside ordering means fewer errors

Adds efficiency to table, guest and order management by offering a memorable dining experience so that customers can spend less time waiting.

Better data security

The possibility of credit card skimmers and identity theft can be avoided with the pay at table mobile payment acceptance features.

Faster Turnarounds & Happier Customers

As less time is required to complete payment transactions, customers need not to wait in long queues. Ultimately this leads to happier customers and faster and quicker turnarounds for growth in the restaurant business. 

Upgrades and integration adds more functionality 

As all of the popular tablet POS systems are integrated with other apps. This facilitates businesses to extend the system’s functionality ever further with the new integration that comes out.

To sum up, inventories that fail to keep up accurately with tallies, have unrecorded sales, human errors and take longer time correcting the errors are in immediate requirement of a right POS system. Having the right POS system in place can certainly help collecting and recording data accurately and work towards streamlining business and its functioning. 

We at seraphic can help you deliver the POS system you need to increase traffic, enhance customer support and boost your bottom line for your restaurant business.