5 Most Common Game Development Challenges

Game development and game-based learning, as genuine games, is quite possibly the most proficient worker preparing techniques. Numerous organizations are receiving this way of Learning and Development into their way of life and accepting the innumerable rewards it can bring. Organizations working on game development should consider various factors before kick starting their game design […]


There is no careful meaning of what User Experience (UX) is, as this control is principally about improving the experience and how individuals cooperate with a given item.  User experience configuration is frequently connected with the user interface (UI). It includes developing components like route, ergonomics, convenience, and client way in a given interface (website […]

4 Simple Ways to Deliver Ultimate Mobile Application User Journey

User Experience (UX) design is the process of providing a seamless and meaningful mobile application experience that is relevant to users. The main goal of every UX designer is to solve usability issues and provide a pleasant online experience through a combination of beautiful visuals, easy accessibility and a thoughtful user flow. Seraphic has in […]

7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mobile Application

In today’s world, mobile application usage has shown a significant rise as these are easily available over the App Stores and fulfill even the needs’ pettiest. Be it ordering something for dinner, updating your closet, paying your bills, or just listening to music, these applications have always got our back. And now to pave the […]

10 Tips to get the App Store to Approve Your App

With nearly 2 million apps, the iOS app store has emerged as one of the best app marketplace in the mobile industries. The massive increase in the demand for ios apps can be ascertained by the expected number of iphone users that can go up to 352.9 billion in the year 2021. In comparison to […]

Reasons Why App Maintenance Is Very Important

The surging popularity of smartphones, tablets and mobile connectivity is compelling nearly every business towards application development programs. Without a second thought, mobile applications are changing and helping how the general population perceives design as a whole. Statistics reveal that as large as 90% of the population are devoting their time using apps in 2019.  […]

How Much Does It Cost To Design A Mobile App?

Mobile app marketing is a competitive landscape that has millions of apps available.  When studied, it has been analysed that 90% of the time on mobile is spent in apps which is higher than design a mobile app. Consequently, there are higher chances that there is another app available that is competing for the attention […]

Why Does Your Restaurant Need A POS?

What is POS? Being in the retail industry, there are certain pertinent pieces of technology you must possess. Yes, you guessed it right. One of the most vital devices to fulfill modern retailers needs to be involved in a point of sale or POS system. In the age of simplified transactions, POS systems are heading […]

UI & UX Mistakes That Are Killing Your Mobile App & Website Design 2020

We’re in an arena where almost every business is online in some form. Infact, the first encounter with a business is its website.  This means that website design of an enterprise is solely the primary deciding factor in determining the credibility of business. The design and placement of elements on your website can take hours, […]

Clutch Names Seraphic InfoSolutions Top Development Company

Emerging technology is our backbone. We do more than deliver solutions—we deliver digital experiences. With this mindset, we could never be satisfied with average results. Instead, we dare to challenge expectations, which means we usually exceed them. Our toolbelt contains a power-packed combination of innovative skills and robust experience. We’re thrilled to announce that our […]